Sunday, January 13, 2008

Is Hilllary Racist? Was Hillary Dismissing MLK?

The answer is no, you flipping idiot. The media has been in a tussle over this race card, jumping on whatever they can to get someone to play it, and they finally got what they wanted with a quote from Hillary that could act as a spark.

>Political Punch (January 7): "Said Clinton, 'Dr King’s dream began to be realized when President Lyndon Johnson passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, when he was able to get through Congress something that President Kennedy was hopeful to do, the president before had not even tried, but it took a president to get it done.'"

This does not mean that Hillary thinks Dr. King's work was fruitless. This does not mean that Hillary believes that Obama would be impotent in the White House because he is black. If you have honestly even slightly bought into the ridiculous notion that this woman whose husband is loved by the black community and who is a viable candidate for presidency of the United States is racist, then you should simply be denied the right to vote (just one qualification on a long list of people who shouldn't be allowed to participate, in my not-so-humble opinion). Does anyone really think that a politician could make it is far as they have in today's p.c. world and become an extremely likely next President if they were racist? Granted, Ron Paul has had his issues in the past, but chances are he wouldn't do anything outwardly racist if he were in office (and are we really going to go so far as to say he's a viable candidate?).

Well, founder of B.E.T. and "billionaire Clinton backer Bob Johnson," agreed with that general argument (though not in so many words) according to a FOX News article, an organization which is, as we all know, a bastion of fair and balanced truth. "'I think that’s taking it way too far,' he said while campaigning with Clinton in South Carolina. 'I think Barack understands clearly what the senator was saying.'” Even if the Clinton advocate turned out to be a patsy of the Republican Party, Mrs. Clinton, or FOX News itself (all of whom seem to have it out for Barack), I'd still be glad someone is pointing out that this is a worthless claim to belabor.

Let's drop this non-issue and talk about something with substance. For example, the fact that Barack's Economic Stimulus plan would include "an immediate $250 tax credit to workers that could double if the economy worsens," among other components, while Hillary has proposed her own plan that I would argue is more realistic and effective.

To Sum It Up: If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck... Any argument that involves a claim that doesn't seem to make any effing sense if it were interpreted in a certain way, probably shouldn't be interpreted in said way. Instead, let's turn away from over-simplified arguments and irrational claims this political season. Let's look at important issues and actual beliefs that our candidates hold.

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