Saturday, January 19, 2008

We promise to get the prediction right this time with Nevada, Trust us!

Oh, we've heard it before, and now we're hearing it again. With the bare minimum of polling and reporting precincts possible, Romney has been called to win Nevada and has already accepted the gracious outcome as fact. Why, I ask, do we feel compelled to know who 'won' before the results are in. No one likes a movie spoiler. No one likes the know-it-all who tries to give an answer before the question has been fully asked. Hell, I'll throw my book at a person who tries to give it's ending away.

This time, however, we're hearing it from the Associated Press. AP, you're such a respected and beloved source, why must you get into this? You were supposed to stand blandly aside, just giving us the facts, after they have transformed from prediction. It almost doesn't even matter if they are correct or not. The AP was calling the win with only a handful of the 1,789 precincts reporting and a few 'entrance poll' results (they couldn't even wait until the exited?). Is the temporary bump in readership really worth the possible humiliation and indignity that is risked? No one benefits from the early call, and I for one, prefer to watch the results as they develop.

If you would also like to watch for yourself how this state pans out, visit the Nevada GOP results live-monitoring page.

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