Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Where do the candidates stand?

Not on actual positions, of course, but rather, where do they stand in rankings? How many delegates have the fierce competitors managed to win in sidewalk games of political marbles? We’ve heard about McCain surging ahead and Obama going neck and neck with Hillary, so where’s the proof in this pudding? Well, here we go:

Romney: 59
Huckabee: 40
McCain: 36
Total Of 1,191 Delegates Needed To Win

Clinton: 236
Obama: 136
Edwards: 50
Total Of 2,025 Delegates Needed To Win

If you think these numbers don’t reflect the pundit predictions and even if they did it’s way too early, then you would be right. I’ll grant that prior primaries have coughed up a clear front-runner long before Super Tuesday, but it’s not the case in this election, so just take a moment to savor the squirming journalists who have to come to grips with uncertainty.

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